About the Black Head Students’ Network

Turning Interest Into Action

At the Black Head Students' Network, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since 2019, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. Just imagine what we can achieve together!

Our Aims


Representation matters. We hope that seeing a group of young black people in leadership positions at secondary schools can inspire the next generation of young black future leaders.

Create a Network of Leaders

To serve as a network where black students can discuss how they can influence change in their schools, and make their schools better places for black students and ultimately, all students.

Change the Narrative

In a society where much of the press surrounding young black people is negative, we hope to serve as role models, and embodiments of black excellence to counteract this image.

Mentor Future Leaders

We aim to provide mentorship for future black head girls and head boys, and black students applying for these highly competitive positions, and support and guidance for students aiming to access higher education institutions and the world of work.